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As a customer you have access to services such as reviewing your Assessment Reports, taking a new Assessment or using our learning management solution on Gnowbe.

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Access to the Individual Assessment has expired. You can still view your reports.

Access Your Certificates Earned
Admin Tools
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 Tools provided solely to the admin users

Super Admin
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Take a New Behavioral Assessment
Reviewing for the Exam

It's easy to take a new TAIQ behavioral assessment, just click on this link and follow the screens.  You may need to fill out some demographic information the first time you take an assessment.

Days until survey becomes available again:
Your assessment is incomplete. Click image below to resume.
Review Assessment Reports
Document Review

See all of your previous individual TAIQ Assessments with respect to how you think, act and interact along the eight inclusive behavioral dimensions.  Each assessment comes with recommendations for areas where you should be more mindful.

Develop Behaviors and Improve Scores
Typing on the Computer

Get access to our learning management platform.  This is where you can take daily courses that teach you about each of the eight inclusive behavioral characteristics.

Organizational Survey
Business Meeting

Take an organizational survey to gather organizational level feedback.

360 Feedback
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Participate in a 360 peer review

For access, please contact us at

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