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Individuals can leverage our tools to improve their TAIQ behaviors.

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Click here to read our article: "Inclusion? What's In It For Me?


Inclusion requires mindfulness and intentionality. Based on the data gathered, it is evident that how we “think” does not necessarily manifest itself in how we “act” and “interact”. Further, we often see ourselves as being more inclusive than how others view us. So, it benefits us all to be more mindful of how we behave as it ultimately impacts our ability to build relationships.

Self-reflection is also the first step to building more inclusive relationships. If you're interested in a complimentary TAIQ assessment, click on the following link to provide your contact information and to note your interest in either the student or professional assessment.

“My business undergraduate and MBA students valued the chance TAIQ provided for self-reflection about their place in the organizations of today and the future.  The TAIQ ‘heat map’ is an excellent tool for highlighting behavioral strengths and areas of development, which are critical to fostering inclusion.  To me, the biggest value added was the conversation that it started, providing a launchpad to discuss an important topic for which students often don’t know where to start.  Betty Ng was also an inspiring speaker.  She interwove her personal journey with data-driven content.”

-Hillary Anger Elfenbein, John and Ellen Wallace Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behavior, Olin School of Business, Washington University

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