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Our Mission

To accelerate social, professional and economic success for all by driving true diversity with inclusion.

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For too long now people have talked about Diversity and Inclusion. TAIQ™ believes that it is only when Diversity is supported with Inclusion that organizational and individual wellness and performance can be optimized. Diversity with inclusion is the key.

TAIQ™ (Think Act Interact Quotient) provides a new measurement of inclusive behavior, bringing together and building upon the different well-established concepts of emotional intelligence, social intelligence and cognitive behavior.

TAIQ™ is bold yet incredibly sensible. We believe that culture is the sum of the individuals. So, here at TAIQ™, this is where we start. To drive true diversity with inclusion and belonging, we need to be mindful of how we THINK, ACT and INTERACT, which likewise impacts how our communities and organizations LOOK, ACT and FEEL.


At TAIQ™, we see “Diversity” as the range of human differences; everything that makes us different. This includes but is not limited to race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical ability or attributes, religion, national origin, and political beliefs. 


“Inclusion” is the involvement and empowerment of such diverse groups; the interaction, where the inherent worth and dignity of all people are recognized. 

Our Philosophy
Our Unique Approach

TAIQ™ (“Think Act Interact Quotient”) is impactful, innovative, measurable and cost-effective. We work with organizations to efficiently embed diversity with inclusion into the cultural DNA. Our unique holistic approach accelerates progress and impact.


We provide:

● proprietary individual assessments and organizational survey, which enable both bottom-up and top-down analyses to identify key focus areas and inform recommendations, actionable next steps, and measurable progress. 

 a fun and engaging technology-driven development program that embeds behavior into day-to-day work through brief daily interactions.


● a new measurement of and data-driven approach for inclusive behavior (i.e., Think Act Interact Quotient or TAIQ), which brings together the concepts of emotional and social intelligence as well as cognitive behavior. 

 a holistic view of how individual and organizational behavior influence each other.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Accelerate embedding inclusion into your cultural DNA.

Empower organizations and individuals with actionable and tailored roadmaps.

Drive performance and the bottom line.

Measure, drive, and track progress over time.

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