Our Mission

To accelerate social, professional and economic success for all by driving true diversity with inclusion.


For too long now people have talked about Diversity and Inclusion. TAIQ™ believes that it is only when Diversity is supported with Inclusion that organizational and individual wellness and performance can be optimized. Diversity with inclusion is the key. 


TAIQ™ (Think Act Interact Quotient) provides a new measurement of inclusive behavior, bringing together and building upon the different well-established concepts of emotional intelligence, social intelligence and cognitive behavior. 


TAIQ™ is bold yet incredibly sensible. We believe that culture is the sum of the individuals.  So, here at TAIQ™, this is where we start. We believe that at the heart of every community is the individual.  Individuals with their distinct identities make up all communities; inside and outside of work. Individuals who all think, act and interact uniquely.


At TAIQ™, we see “Diversity” as the range of human differences; everything that makes us different. This includes but is not limited to race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical ability or attributes, religion, national origin, and political beliefs. 


“Inclusion” is the involvement and empowerment of such diverse groups; the interaction, where the inherent worth and dignity of all people are recognized. 


TAIQ™ (“Think Act Interact Quotient”) is bold yet completely sensible. To create a world where diversity goes hand in hand with inclusion, and where we all feel that we truly belong, we need to be mindful of how we THINK, ACT and INTERACT - individually and in the many groups to which we belong. 


TAIQ™ assesses organizations on how their culture looks, acts, and feels with respect to its diversity with inclusion.  Employees or individuals will also complete an assessment to better understand their level of inclusiveness or their individual TAIQ Score.


Whilst many people see their organizations as bricks and mortar, their place of work; we all know that organizations are so much more. Organizations are of course made up of individuals, and how these groups of individuals think, act and interact is what drives performance.  This translates into how an organization ultimately looks, acts, and feels.


TAIQ™’s organizational survey is focused on ascertaining how an organization lives and breathes its policies and to what degree its employees feel that diversity with inclusion is truly valued and embraced.


A 15-minute assessment that unlocks a lifetime of personal and professional benefits.


In order to realize the true potential of our society, we as individuals have an obligation to develop a greater understanding of how we think and behave when it comes to diversity, inclusion and belonging. 


This confidential assessment is focused on diving deeper into how we as human beings THINK, ACT and INTERACT with respect to key inclusive behaviors.  It is designed to help us identify and calibrate where we are on the diversity with inclusion spectrum and identify ways that we can personally develop and create a more inclusive culture.

We believe that self-awareness is the first step to becoming more inclusive and this assessment will help us to understand what it is we think or feel, and how this might translate in day-to-day actions and interactions. It is an opportunity to reflect and consider how our actions impact others. 


Following the assessment, you will be provided with your own personalized assessment report, which includes your results summarized in our proprietary TAIQ™ heat map as well as a summary of your areas of strength and of development.  For your key areas of development, you will be provided with recommendations regarding specific inclusive behaviors, which can help drive better individual and organizational performance.


To embed inclusion into day-to-day behaviors, individuals will also receive regular and actionable “TAIQ™ Tips” for how they may consider building their TAIQ™ – namely, how inclusively they think, act, and interact.


Through our SaaS platform, survey participants will receive individualized electronic recommendations and actionable tips on how to influence how they think, act, and interact with respect to diversity with inclusion.


Individuals will also have the opportunity to re-take their TAIQ™ assessments to monitor changes in their TAIQ™ Scores.

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