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We define a team as a group of people who work together towards a common goal.
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75. To what extent is your team open with respect to their willingness to try and consider new or different things ?

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76. How aware is your team, in that they are attuned to how each one of us thinks and feels?

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77. How unbiased is your team in that they use an impartial and non-judgmental view to guide their actions?

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78. To what extent is your team performance and goal-oriented with respect to engaging with different groups to drive innovation and results?

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79. To what extent is your team curious in that they have a desire to understand how others view and

experience the world?

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80. How culturally competent is your team in the sense that they make an effort to understand and appreciate cultural differences?

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81. To what extent does your team collaborate to collectively explore and execute ideas to reach a common goal?

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82. To what extent is your team courageous and willing to speak up and bravely challenge the status quo to achieve what needs to be done?

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83. Do you think your organization would benefit from working with TAIQ across its leadership and employee base?

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84. Is there anything you'd like to tell us about your experience with the assessment?

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