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38. I believe that diverse teams generate better ideas than homogenous ones.

39. I do not think that people with different perspectives should collaborate.

40. I believe that it is important to work with people who are different from me.

41. I accommodate workplace flexibility for my colleagues, respecting their personal circumstances.

42. I try to create opportunities that leverage collective intelligence.

43. Despite apparent challenges to collaboration, I proactively seek out ways to work together.

44. I encourage others to voice their differing opinions by fostering a safe environment where all contributions are welcome.

45.I prefer to engage with people from my age group.

46. I proactively work with all groups to make things happen.

47. It is important to speak out when I think something is not right

48. It is important to support others in balancing their work and personal lives.

49. I believe in advocating for diversity with inclusion regardless of how it might directly impact me.

50. I speak up to challenge the status quo

51. I take risks for the greater good.

52.  I voice my concerns when I witness discrimination in any form.

53. I confront others head on when I see disrespectful behavior.

54. In my interactions, I use my own power and privilege to advocate for opportunities for others who need access and exposure.

55. I work with others to empower them with the skills I believe they need to advance.

56. I believe in engaging with people of different backgrounds to achieve better outcomes. 

57. It is healthy to be curious about other perspectives

58. It is important to challenge one's assumptions about life.

59. I cope well with ambiguity in the face of incomplete information and uncertainty.

60. I avoid putting myself in situations where my thinking can be challenged.

61. I take the initiative to learn other points of view.

62. I create an engaging environment where questions and different opinions are welcome.

63. When I am in a conversation, I remove distractions to focus on listening.

64. In times of uncertainty, I engage with different groups to get new insights.

65. I believe that diverse and inclusive teams are more creative and therefore more innovative.

66. Embracing the differences within our teams positively impacts employee retention.

67. Diversity with inclusion increases market reach and improves the bottom line.

68. To achieve the best outcomes in any market condition, I build diverse and inclusive teams.

69. I disregard other stakeholder perspectives in arriving at the best decision.

70. I focus on ensuring what we are doing is aligned with stakeholder/organizational POWER (e.g., priorities, obligations, worthwhile activities, energy, and resources).

71. I create and engage with groups of different backgrounds to drive innovative ideas that result in better outcomes.

72. When others need me, I am attentive and available.

73. I engage with others to find opportunities to help them gain access and exposure to achieve their goals.

74. This assessment caused you to be more reflective and mindful of your own behavior



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