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TAIQ ("Think Act Interact Quotient") Individual Assessment at Work


TAIQ (Think Act Interact Quotient)


Thank you for participating in the TAIQ Individual Assessment at Work!

Diversity is the range of human differences; everything that makes us different. Inclusion is the involvement and empowerment of these differences; the interaction, where the inherent worth and dignity of all people are recognized. TAIQ believes that it is only when diversity is supported with inclusion that organizational and individual wellness and performance can be optimized. Diversity with inclusion is the key. 


Who is this individual assessment designed for?

This assessment is designed for each and every one of us - to help us identify and calibrate where we are on the diversity with inclusion spectrum and identify ways that we can personally develop and create a more inclusive culture at work and beyond.  

What is this individual assessment about?

The individual assessment you are about to undertake is focused on diving deeper into how you THINK, ACT and INTERACT with respect to key inclusive behaviors.  Self-awareness is the first step to becoming more inclusive.

How will I benefit from participating in this individual assessment?

This confidential individual assessment will provide insight into how your behaviors may vary across how you think, act, and interact. It is an opportunity to reflect and consider how our actions impact others.  It is not about identifying the "right" answer, but instead identifying "your" answer.


Following the survey, you will be provided with a brief assessment report with personalized heatmap regarding specific inclusive behaviors, which can help drive better individual and organizational performance. This is just a first step in your TAIQ journey.

The estimated time to complete this confidential assessment is 15 – 20 minutes.  Please complete it in one session.
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