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Moving the Needle : Driving Change with 360° Solutions for Embedding Inclusion

Published on February 25th

TAIQ had the pleasure of hosting its second panel discussion moderated by Co-Founder Betty Ng, Phillip Anderson, Selena Cuffe, and Sandra Altiné to celebrate Black History Month and Women's History Month.

On February 15th, TAIQ hosted our second event in a series of panel discussions. We invited three thought leaders and trailblazers to discuss their perspectives and experiences related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB).


They shared how companies can implement 360° solutions to embed inclusion. A few notable quotes:

"In my first management role, I had to learn how to manage diversity. One of the things I learned right away is that you have to identify talent. You have to include everyone in the decision-making process and you have to respect everyone’s opinion "

-Sandra Altiné, VP Workforce Diversity

Equity & Inclusion at Meta


“I am passionate about DEIB ( diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging) because in 2015 I heard an alarming statistic. It was about how long it would take for the average black household to achieve parity of income with the average white household and the number was 226 years.

That is not something I am willing to accept”

-Selena Cuffe, President at Sodexo Magi​c

 "Back to accountability, there have to be incentives for good behaviors and the penalities for bad behaviors. Organizations are performing well but they don’t realize they are missing the potential to be great.    Accountability is really what has been missing overtime"

-Phillip Anderson, Executive Director at The Depository Trust & Clearing

Corporation (DTCC)



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