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Moving the Needle
Fostering Inclusive Culture in 2022 and Beyond

Published on December 17th

TAIQ had the pleasure of hosting its first panel discussion moderated by Co-Founder Betty Ng with Laura OrtmanJack Guest, and Janine Ting Jansen 

On December 2nd, TAIQ hosted the first in a series of panel discussions.

We invited three thought leaders to discuss their perspectives and experiences related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB).

They also shared how companies can "stay ahead of the curve" in their DEIB journeys.


A few notable quotes:

"Inclusive for me really means you're listening to ideas and gaining perspectives from all employees and teams members. So it's not about just listening but also incorporating  those thoughts from different backgrounds, from different experiences"

-Laura Ortman (President & Chief Revenue Officer at Cologix)


"It does take time for this advocacy, for this conversation, and for these interventions to make a difference. But we must maintain the pressure at all times. Until a change is happening at the pace we need it to benefit our children and our children's children, then it's not fast enough. "


-Jack Guest (WPB Diversity and Inclusion Global Lead &

Pride Global Co-Chair at HSBC)

"The structures of EBRGs (Employee Business Resource Groups) and mentoring are important areas where we are moving the needle. EBRGs inform where the culture is going, who we are and who we want to be. By creating structures like mentoring, we're giving people greater access"


-Janine Ting Jansen (Senior Director of Inclusion & Diversity at Teva)

             Our panelists also shared their experiences with the TAIQ Behavioral Assessment.

"It was a challenging view. It was really asking you to think about your behaviors and the way that you operate in the workplace and indeed outside the workplace. There is definitely value for people to do it.''

-Jack Guest 

(WPB Diversity and Inclusion Global Lead & Pride Global Co-Chair at HSBC)


"My main takeaway from the TAIQ Behavioral Assessment is  really around continuing listening, open interactions, daily mindfulness and reinforcement to drive that positive intelligence."

-Laura Ortman

(President & Chief Revenue Officer at Cologix)

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