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360 Feedback Survey

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TAIQ 360 Instructions

Thank you for agreeing to evaluate [NAME]  (going forward, referred to as "Person" in the survey below).

Please be honest and constructive in your responses. Your results will be aggregated with those of other evaluators to ensure confidentiality of your specific responses.

Thank you for your participation and helpful feedback.

  1. In interactions with others, (Person) is comfortable expressing her/his/their honest opinion.

2. (Person) expresses appreciation of differing perspectives to discourage narrow-mindedness
and encourage openness to learning from one another.

3. (Person) empathizes with how others are feeling when engaged in a discussion.

4. (Person) does his/her/their best to act as a cultural bridge in his/her/their interactions.

5. In conversations, (Person) is willing to adapt his/her/their behavior to accommodate people
of different backgrounds if necessary.

6. (Person) engages with people of different backgrounds because it is important to consider
a broad range of perspectives.

7. (Person) shows concern for colleagues by discussing and understanding their individual circumstances.

8. (Person) dominates conversations.

9. (Person) proactively asks those who have not had a chance to contribute for their perspectives and input.

10. (Person) appears to mostly work with people who look like him/her/them.

11. In discussions, (Person) listens to and considers different ideas and perspectives without prejudgment.

12. (Person) treats people who are like him/her/them more favorably than others

13. (Person) encourages others to voice differing opinions by fostering a safe environment where all contributions are welcome.

14. (Person) prefers to engage with people from his/her/their age group.

15. (Person) proactively works with all groups to make things happen.

16. (Person) confronts others head on when he/she/they see disrespectful behavior.

17. In interactions, (Person) uses his/her/their own power and privilege to advocate for opportunities for others who need access and exposure.

18. (Person) works with others to empower them with the skills they need to advance.

19. (Person) creates an engaging environment where questions and different opinions are welcome.

20. When in a conversation, (Person) removes distractions to focus on listening.

21. In times of uncertainty, (Person) engages with different groups to get new insights.

22. (Person) creates and engages with groups of diverse backgrounds to drive innovative ideas that result in better outcomes.

23. When others need him/her/them (Person) is attentive and available.

24. (Person) engages with others to find opportunities to help them gain access and exposure to achieve their goals.

25. Are there any inclusive behaviors that have not been covered which you would like to share about {NAME} ?

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